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March 17th, 2022 1:12 PM
ACI renewal 2022 or switch to Total?

ACI fees have doubled. Not happy about that. It has not crashed much lately but still does crash. The subscription has changed to a per computer yearly license even though I purchased over ten licenses ten years which was supposed to be a lifetime. I am still scratching my head on this one. I requested to speak to a manager because I feel I am getting stiffed. Alamode has more features such as total mobile and the new comps validation data integrator called "QuickSource," which seems like a good idea (wonder where they're getting the peer data from?) The bottom line is about the cost, and I can not justify paying over $1,799. The price is the initial elite membership discount, which goes up to $2,198 after the first year's discount hook; the stated prices a year for software that only gives customer support and updates now and then is highway robbery when you think about it. Windows 11 is the operating system that allows you to control the computer. They update the operating system regularly at no extra cost. The purchase price for Windows 11 with updates is $109.99 as of 03/17/2022 with no renewal fees or yearly subscription. Why do we have to pay 2k a year for renewals? If I estimate the lower fee I paid ACI over the years for 20 years, that's 13k, not to mention the extra cost for flood, location maps, and other add-ons. At the rate Alamode is going, I will be paying 40k for 20 years. Not cool. I know some would say comparing an operating system to an appraisal software is not fair, but I would argue it is fair because both monologize your business somehow. Yes, you can change software companies, but who has the time or wants to change software vendors when you are used to the one you are using. It would take a large change to make appraisers want to switch, which is why Alamode is offering to pay off your contract with a competitor because they know once they got you, that payoff will be made back ten folds (marketing 101). It is all starting to get on my nerves.

Signed, concerned appraiser.

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Posted by Wayne Henry on March 17th, 2022 1:12 PMLeave a Comment

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